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Jun. 9th, 2009


Which Star Trek Character Are You?

Your results:
You are Jean-Luc Picard
Jean-Luc Picard
Deanna Troi
Will Riker
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Geordi LaForge
Mr. Scott
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Beverly Crusher
Mr. Sulu
A lover of Shakespeare and other
fine literature. You have a decisive mind
and a firm hand in dealing with others.

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Apr. 26th, 2009


Only You - Part 18

Part 18


The rest of the week has been hard for her; she arrived in her office the next day with précised instructions left on her desk explaining what needed to be done as the new soft launch date will be in a fortnight time.  The instructions had started with an apology for the cancelled meeting the day before, quoting family issues.  She had also realised that she had been assigned to test the quality of the chalet and the services rendered there by spending two nights over during the weekend, the Project Manager had asked her to give a full report by the following Monday.  Her report will be the determination as to whether the chalets may have the soft opening in the agreed date.  She had been angry by the assignment as she had promised her children that she’ll follow them to camp with Papa on that weekend.  Papa had suggested to the children last night when he sent them back from the movies, that the whole family excluding her mother who hates outdoors to have a weekend camp.  Again she had missed the chance to be introduced to him, she thought to herself she must have been very tired and at the same time she was too engrossed with her sweet dreams.


Throughout the week she had not know how to break the news to her children, she knew they would be very disappointed without her coming along for their camping trip.  Papa had arranged that they’ll go off after lunch on Saturday and camp over night before heading back home after lunch on Sunday, what made her angry is that she had to check-in the chalet on Friday evening and heads home only on Sunday afternoon, therefore there is no way she can join her children and Papa for their camping trip.  She loves camping ever since that time in Hawaii and she had often took her children camping, once both of the children were asleep in the tent, she would sit out on her own and recalled her time with him, tears will roll down her cheeks as she long for her love but once she entered the tent and saw her children’s sleeping she would smile again, thanking him for her jewels.  She’s feeling sad as she wanted to go for this week’s camping trip not only for the children but also for herself, maybe this trip with her children and Papa will replace the old memories with fresh ones.


The only person she told about her assignment was her mother; her mother had advised her to tell the children earlier as to not disappoint them just before the camping date.  It was already Thursday and in that evening she had sat down with her darlings and broke the bad news, both of them had displayed tantrums and had cried that she was not going along, she had taken a long time to reassure them she would take leave once the soft launch ends and she would then go wherever they wished with them.  Her mother had been kind enough to inform Papa earlier about her not being able to come along and he had told her mother he understood she had to carry her job duties first.  She had packed her suitcase for her weekend at the chalet and had kissed her children and wished them a great camping experience on Friday morning as she left for work.  She had decided to go to the chalet straight from her office in the evening.  She’s afraid if she comes back home first, she might decide to forget the assignment and follow her children instead.


She arrives to check-in at about dinner time, she looks around the place and is happy with what she sees, the main building, chalets and the grounds are in beautiful shape, and she’s feeling proud of her company’s work.  After an early dinner at the coffee house, she has returned to her chalet to rest and to have an early night.  She enters her bathroom and smiles, the bathroom is an exact replica to the one she remembered in the chalet she had shared with him in Hawaii, she had given her idea to the design team and the client’s project manager had approved it.  She lit the candles in the bathroom and slowly immerses herself in the deep bath tub, as the tub is meant for two she has more than enough space to splash around in it.  As she relaxes in the warm bubbly water the small phone in her bathroom rings, she is startled and quickly answers it, “Hello.”  The voice at the other end apologises, “I’m sorry Madam, the Project Manager is now heading to your chalet, he asked us to tell you, he have a spare key and can enter the room.”  She is surprised that he is coming over and as she puts down the telephone she can hear there is someone in her room, she shouts “I’m having my bath, can you wait at the living hall?”  There is no answer so she figures he had heard her, as she is about to drain her bathtub the bathroom door opens.


He stands there watching her standing in her glories, she screams but the screams turns dead after she sees his face.  She is silent turning to a statue as she stares at him in awe, he slowly but surely walks to her and scoops her wet body out of the tub.  There is no resistance from her as he carries her, she puts her arms around his neck and he slowly puts her on the bed, his own clothes wet from carrying her.  There is not a single word utter between them, both are in a daze thinking they are still dreaming.  She suddenly feels shy; she pulls the bed covers over herself, knowing her body is no longer young and supple as it used to be.  He slowly undresses and joins her under the cover, he whispers, “Carly, you are beautiful and will always be beautiful to me.”  She closes her eyes as she basks in his kisses and slowly she opens herself to his soft touches, the old feelings return and her body and soul cries out for his loving.  It took time but in the end she succumbs to her old self, giving and receiving without barriers, he can taste her tears at times but they both know it is tears of happiness.


They then sleep in each other’s arms and for the first time in six years both do not dream, there is no need for dreaming anymore.  In the light of dawn, they continue rediscovering each other and finally it is him who insists they have a bath and some food, by the time they finish their food it is already noon.  She looks at him and starts to think, “Is this going to be another love affair?  Why have I surrendered so easily?”  He notices the change on her face and knows she’s beginning to wake up from their day dream, “Darling, I need to tell you something,” she looks at him with anticipation of bad news, “My late mother wishes to thank you.”  She looks at him in puzzlement, “You lost your mother, I’m sorry to hear that, but I don’t understand.”  He holds her hand and gently answers, “We have a lifetime to explain to one another, but I need to do something first.”  He stands up from his chair and pulls her up with him, he sits her at the edge of the bed, she looks up as he is still standing, he reaches for his chain and after freeing the ring, he sits beside her and slips the ring to its owner finger.


Suddenly there are noises outside and someone unlocks the door, her two angels run in towards them with her mother still standing at the door.  “Mama!  Papa!” they both shouted excitedly, swiftly Mike carries both of them in his arms and kiss their cheeks repeatedly.  She looks at her mother with amazement, so this is her children’s Papa, her mother smiles at her sheepishly.  Papa puts their children down on the bed by their mother and moves towards her mother, he kisses both her cheeks and whispers, “Thank you Mummy, for keeping our secret.”  Her mother hugs him and smiles; she remembered the first time they saw him at the poolside, he had then just moved in, one look at the children and once he recognised Mummy he knew they were his.  As of that time, Mummy had let him have a taste of real fatherhood.


He looks back and watches his family teasing and cuddling on the bed.  Carly is tickling Boy and Girl is helping Boy to avoid their mother’s tickling.  He sits beside her and helps Boy and Girl by tickling her instead, at last Boy escapes and everyone laugh.  Girl then sits on to his lap and looks up at her, “Mama, can Papa come back with us?” and all eyes turn to her for the answer.





Only You - Part 17

Part 17


She is angry, why has her client cancelled their meeting without informing her earlier, she had wasted her time rushing from her office to the client’s, if she knew the meeting had been cancelled she would have taken her leave today.  The fatigue of yesterday’s party is still felt by her, her body aches and cries for rest and she also feels she wants to spend more time with her angels.  This morning they had waken up still in excitement about yesterday’s party and they had been engrossed with all their gifts especially the toys.  Girl had refused to let go of her new doll and last night her bed had an extra guest, Girl’s doll.  The first thing Boy had wanted to do this morning was to set up Papa’s train set, so she and her mother had tried to read the manual and set it for him, however since she had to go to work and therefore the set was not completely assembled.  Boy had been grumpy about it but as soon as he received a call from Papa he was happy as a lark.  “Its ok Mama, don’t worry Papa is coming over to fix it in the afternoon.  He’s taking us to the movies later,” he had announced excitedly and Girl had then jumped for joy.  She is amazed at this person her babies are so attached to and she promised herself that she will meet him this weekend, even if she needs to knock at his door.


She feels bad leaving her children and this feeling had been with her since the past six months, the project she is handling for her client had taken most of her time and she had been coming home late in the evenings.  The client has been her major account; it has awarded her company with major landscape maintenance projects which she is managing now, however a year ago the client has awarded her company to design and build new chalets near the shore and the manager of the project has been very persistent that the project will be completed in time, hence she was working hard the past six months.  She was told by her client’s office that the project manager is a very task oriented person, very clear of what his vision and objectives.  She had found it easy to work as his written instructions are always precise and their taste in design had been similar, therefore the project had been handled smoothly.  However a last minute change had disrupted their schedule, in fact yesterday was supposed to be the soft opening of the chalets, she had been delighted of the postponement as she would not have been able to organise the children’s fifth birthday party.  Today’s meeting is supposed to be held to discuss about the next date for the soft launch and also about the press coverage.


She sighs as she drives back to her office, suddenly she remembers that Papa is fetching her children to the movies, she calls her office and informs she’s taking the rest of the day off.  As she parks her car, she notices another car drives by the security gate, she notices her mother at the passenger seat and her angels at the back seat.  “Damn!” she curses herself, she just misses them by seconds and again she did not manage to meet Papa.  She had asked her mother about Papa’s name but her mother had forgotten and was too embarrassed to ask again; therefore he was Papa to the whole family.  She enters her apartment and goes straight for the kitchen for something to quench her thirst, as she brings her glass of orange juice to the living room; she notices that his son’s train set had been beautifully assembled at the centre of the room.  She smiles to herself, Papa had been a great influence to her little darlings and they had been much happier since his presence in their lives.  She had been quite taken back a fortnight ago when Girl had sat by her on the sofa and whispered, “Mama, can Papa stay with us?”  Boy had heard his sister’s request and had put his own, “Mama, please let Papa sleep here, so it be easy for us to meet him.”


She had chuckled at their request and answered, “Boy, Girl, there are no extra rooms in the apartment for Papa to sleep in,” she giggled at her own statement.  Girl had then answered without shame, “It’s ok Mama, Papa can sleep with you, everyone’s Papa sleep with their Mama,” she said with a serious note.  Even before she can answer her daughter, Boy made his mind heard, “Mama, Girl is correct, Mama shouldn’t sleep alone at night and we don’t need to sleep with you anymore.”  Suddenly she realised why her angels still comes into her room at night, it’s not because they were afraid but in their own innocent ways they don’t want their mother to be alone at night.  She looked at her mother in amazement at what she heard from her angels and her mother had made things worst, “Good idea darlings, Papa don’t need to go back to his house alone, poor Papa.” In unison the angels had agreed with her mother, “Yes!!!!!!!!!”  She had given her mother an angry look but her mother just laughed away.


She knows her mother is consistently worried about her being alone raising the children, but she had told her she is happy as she is.  However she did notice how happy Papa had made her children and it made her wonder if her decision to be alone is fair to her children.  Her mother had urged her to meet Papa and gets to know him, her mother had told her many wonderful stories about Papa and her children and she is sure this man is good for her children.  The only history about Papa that her mother remembered was that he is a widow who had lost his son.  She wanders maybe her children had made him less lonely for his lost son.  She did asked how his wife and son died, his mother had told her that his son had died after a long coma while his wife had met with a road accident with her father recently after, she was shocked to hear such misfortune for a nice man.   She hoped Papa’s affection of her children is sincere and not just to help him recover from his personal tragedy.  Her mother had described him as an attractive man, fairly tall with nice athletic physique and had warned her that she will fall madly in love with him once she meets him, just as her children had.  “Mummy, he must have some sort of magic then,” she had joked, but her mother was serious and answered, “Believe me Carly, you will.”


She starts to feel sleepy and decides to take a nap in her bedroom, before she lays down to bed; she opens her side drawer and pulls a picture out.  It was the same picture her mother had found in her suitcase after she returned from Hawaii, the picture of them smiling and hugging, she kisses the picture and carefully puts it back in her drawer, as always her sleep comes easy once she sees her love’s face.  She always had beautiful dreams of them together by the fire at night on the seashore.  She will always picture them sitting as they were in a blanket, hugging each other close and watching the stars in the skies whilst the sounds of the oceans lull them.  In her dreams she re-live their moments together, loving each other without any obstacles and sometimes her children will appear in the dream with them, all four standing with the children in front of them, watching the beautiful sunset at the balcony.  She smiles in her sleep feeling happily contented with her dream, her family as one.


He looked down at her sleeping figure; he had just arrived with her mother and the children from the movies and light dinner.  The children had rushed for the bathroom outside and as he feels the need to also go, her mother had asked him to use the master bedroom’s bathroom.  He was shocked to see her there, none of them knew she was home; he gently sits on the edge of her bed and looks intently at his love’s face.  He softly plants a kiss on her forehead and she stirs in her sleep, he notices she’s smiling in her sleep.  He suddenly notices the drawer by her bed is open and he looks inside, he sees their picture and smiles, “I’m still in your thoughts, do you still love me as I do you?”  He looks again at her and wonders whether he is in her dreams, slowly he stands and walks out the room, the feeling of using the bathroom has disappeared completely.  He walks away knowing he has to escape the room before his strength to control his desire to turn her dream into reality disappears.  All he wants to do is to lock her door and return to her bed and erase the six years of them being apart, but the knowledge of their children and her mother out in the living room stopped him.  He will wait to make her his again, to bind her to him once and for all.


Only You - Part 15 & 16

YEAR 2006


Part 15


She is smiling at the guests and their children, the kids are running around having fun at the poolside and some are happily paddling in the pool.  She feels tired as the party is nearing the end, but she feels ecstatic looking at her happy children’s faces.  They are sitting under the big umbrella tearing up wrapping papers to have a look at their birthday presents, as David and her mother help them.  “Mama! Mama! Look at my doll,” her daughter screams excitedly as she runs to her side.  She looks at her daughter’s doll and smiles, “What a pretty doll you have there, have you chosen a name for it?” she asks as she sits her daughter on her lap.  “Mmm I’ll ask Papa,” her daughter answers as she carries her doll like a baby.  Her son sees his sister on his mum’s lap and as usual insists to sit on her lap too.  “Boy there’s no room, later you’ll sit on mama’s lap.  Now please sit on this chair ok?” she coaxes her son as she pulls another chair beside her.  “Mama, look at what Papa gave me,” he is eager to show her, it’s a small train set.  “Papa knows you well,” she answers her delighted son, she then turns again to have a look at her daughter’s doll, she then realises that both are gifts which had been given extra thought to.  Her children’s Papa seems to spoil them but somehow he knew what presents they would dearly love.  Whereas all the expensive presents David had bought them they had just put aside.


David walks toward her and extends his arms to hug both the children, they ran to him and hug him for awhile before they move away, David hardly meets them and they therefore are not comfortable to be around him.  He then turns to her, “I’ll make a move now, my plane leaves in an hour’s time.  It’s a wonderful party you’re having for the kids.” She smiles to him, “Thanks for coming David, I’m sure the kids love you being here, do drop by when you’re free, you’re always welcome.”  He looks over to the children and waves to them, “Bye Boy, Bye Girl, Daddy’s leaving now!” the children look over to him and they wave back and cry in unison, “Bye Daddy………”  She looks on as David walks away and lets go a sigh, she is happier now since she had made the decision to leave him, it had been three years since their divorce, until today she is glad he had agreed to release him without a fight and gave her full custody of the children.  His only condition was she let him be apart of the children’s life and recognised him as their father. 


Her mother walks toward her and sits by her, “Hmm those kids still prefer their Papa’s gifts then the expensive toys David bought for them.  She nods her head, “They must really love Papa, whoever he is, and it’s too bad he can’t turn up for this birthday party, I was looking forward to meet him.”  Her mother smiles, “You’ll meet him soon enough, Mummy had met him all the times and he is a good man,” she assures her.  Her children seem to love their neighbour who had moved in about six months ago, her mother had told her that he had been given them swimming and tennis lessons at their apartment’s club house, surprisingly until today she had yet to meet him, only her mother had met him as she baby-sits her children everyday before she returns from work.  After her divorce, her mother had decided to help her take care of the twins and had moved in with her at her new apartment.  Carly had managed to get transferred to LA, she wanted to raise her children where she herself was brought up.


As the party ends, she asks her children to bring in all their gifts and thank all the guests that had come, mostly neighbours and her colleagues.  She quickly asks her children to strip and she goes into the bathroom to draw their bath, she puts in a lot of bath gel as they love to play with bubbles.  Her mother is already seated in front of the television, relaxing as it had been a tiring day for her, she is however happy to celebrate her grandchildren’s fifth birthday, and as usual within a few minutes her mother is asleep on the sofa.  She turned off the television and let her mother rest in peace as she ushers the children into the bath tub.  As always by the end of the bath she will be as soak as the children but she enjoys bathing and playing with them, she then tucks them in their beds, a double decker bed with Boy on the top bunk.  She goes back to the living room and wakes her mum, “Mummy, lay down on your bed, you’re tired,” her mother drowsily walks to her own bedroom.  She sits down and watches the news as she sips her hot drink before she goes to bed, sometimes memories of nights where she used to sit with him watching television while they have their hot drinks return.  She sighs, “Mike, where are you now?  Are you happy? I’m happy now, thanks to you.”


When she first discovered that she was pregnant, she was overjoyed, knowing immediately who the father was.  It was her second month in pregnancy when she had a home test done, she had noticed that she had missed her monthly cycle for the second month and had noticed a slight change in her moods.  The first person she told was her mother, she had driven to her mother’s house as she knew she had to break the news in person.  Once she had her mother seated she told her, “Mummy, I have great news for you,” she was beaming as she said, “You’re going to be a grandmother soon!!!”  Her mother had jumped up from her seat and hugged her, “I’m so happy Carly, at last I have grandchildren, I’m so happy.”  They sat down on the sofa and chattered away happily thinking about how she’s going to handle her pregnancy and even delivery.  As their excitement dies down, she lays her head on her mother’s lap and her mother touches her hair gently, “Carly, its Mike’s child you’re carrying, isn’t it? Are you going to tell David?”  She sat up straight and looked into her mother’s eyes, “Yes it’s his child, I’ll tell David and ask him for a divorce,” she said in a determined voice.  She then started to sob and as her mother hugged her she whispered, “At least I have his child; at last I have a piece of him for myself.”  They both cried, she still crying for her lost love, her mother crying as she knew her daughter could never love another.


She had called David over to her apartment, telling him she had something extremely important to discuss.  Once he arrived, she had asked him, “David, its time, as you had promised me before; you’ll release me if I asked for it.”  David sat and stared at her intently, “I’ve promised that I’ll let you go if you meet someone else to marry.  So who is going to be your new husband?”  She softly answered, “I’m not getting married but its best you let me go now before I’m beginning to show.”  He looked at her surprised, “Oh when did this happen, hmm let me guess, it must had been your Hawaii trip.”  She nodded and waited for his agreement for a divorce.  “Are you getting married?” he queried, and she just shook her head, he then continued, “Since you’re not getting married, why don’t you just have the baby and no one will know that it is not mine.”  She looked at him, “Why David, why would you want to accept another man’s baby?”  He answered softly, “It is good for my image, and both of us know I can’t have children, but the public don’t.  Anyway think of this seriously, you surely do no wish for a stigma of carrying a child out of wedlock.”  She had then given it a thought and had even discussed it with her mother, eventually she had agreed to stay married to him as to give her child a future.


It took her two years after she delivered her twins to realise that she did not wish to bring up her children within a lie.  She was also in constant fear that her children will grow up to discover David’s world and think that she had condone it.  Eventually she did get her divorce and he didn’t mind releasing her on the condition that the world acknowledges the twins as his children.  She finally feels sleepy and goes to her bed, she makes sure she sleeps in the centre of her big bed; she smiles as she goes to sleep.  As dawn breaks, she awakes and as customary sometime in the middle of the night, her two angels creep into her bed, she kisses Boy on her left and Girl on her right as she hugs them closer in their sleep.  Everyday she thanks him for his gifts to her, their labour of love.  As and when she misses him, she’ll look at her twins and she can see him through them, “Mike my darling, you kept your promise, you did not leave me alone”.



Part 16


He looks at his watch and it’s almost 3:00 p.m., he remembered he promised Boy and Girl that he’ll take them for a movie as a treat, as he could not be with them at their birthday party yesterday.  He can’t get away from his meeting as it was crucial, and he was pretty upset that it turned out to be the day he was looking forward to surprise her.  He informed his secretary that he’ll be going home early and rushed off.  He smiles to himself as he drives and turns down the sun shade, he had slipped a picture of him and the children there and he often looked at them when he’s driving.  It had been the happiest time in his life when he first met them, one look and he knew they were his.  It had surprised him that they had taken to him immediately and he was sure then his only obstacle now is to convince her to take him back.  Mummy had assured him that she still loves him but he wants to be sure he covers all bases this time around, no more empty promises, this time they’ll be together permanently, with their children. Their children… he loves to say it out loud, it never occurred to him that she had been nurturing their labour of love by herself; he loves her more for that, just when he thought there can’t be more of her to cherish.


Life had been turbulent for him, the trials he had gone through would have made many ordinary men gave up.  However, he had survived only due to his luck of having found a love strong enough to help him through the gutters he was in.  He had managed to turn his life around within the past two years, after the tragedy in his family, until today he cried thinking of the sacrifice his mother had made for him.  “Mum, I missed you so,” he keeps wishing his mother is still with him, to witness his happiness.  If only his mother is alive to watch him with his children and if only she had met his love, he knew his mother would have left the world at a happier note.  He truly believes that a mother’s love is the greatest love in the world; he had seen his wife’s love for Junior and had also seen what his mother is capable of doing for his happiness.  Until today he still wished he had been there to help his mother, thinking if he did that he could still have her by his side.  “Mum, I’d rather be a fool than having you dead,” his tears wells as he remembers his old fragile mother, who had sacrificed herself for him.


His life had been in status quo until to date, four years had passed through and he had lived his life as the material provider for his family, he had tried to give them everything possible to ensure her wife’s suffering is eased and his son’s comfort is taken care.   The only relief he had was his mother, the old fragile woman is the only person who understood him and in her quiet gentle ways eased his personal pain.  His mother had noticed that her only son’s marriage was unhappy even before he had left for his MBA studies, he had spent more time with her and her late husband in comparison to his own wife and son.  Both she and her late husband had noticed how cold Stacey treated him and how she had managed to distanced his own son from him.  There are times they regretted agreeing to Bucky’s request of forcing him to marry Stacey but they had hoped the marriage will turn to be blissful for their only son, at first it had seemed so but Stacey had shown her true colours once he had moved her and Junior to their own home.  It was his mother who had cared enough to ask him to reduce his drinking, he had often came home drunk driven back by his colleague, usually after entertaining clients.  His mother had also noticed the amount of liquor he had in his room, she was well aware that at time he drinks himself to sleep.


The drinking had at last stopped when her mother asked him to tell her the truth, what is killing him inside, to share his sufferings with her.  “Mike, you know there’s not a single soul I love more than you,” his mother started her conversation.  She was sitting in her beloved rocking chair and he was at her bed, “I know Mum.”  He walked over and sat at his mother’s feet and laid his head on her lap, she gently rubbed her beloved son’s head, “Tell me what you been keeping inside you,” he looked up at his mother with tears in his eyes.  “Mum please don’t worry, let me deal with it myself,” he spoke softly coaxing his mother to leave the subject.  “I’ve never asked you for anything, this is my request, tell me the truth,” his mother had been determined; once and for all she wanted the truth from her son.  “Start with whose ring you have dangling at your chain, who is she?”  He was startled by her question, obviously his mother is old but senile she is not. 


“I know the girl owns your heart and soul since you return from your studies, tell me everything,” he then moved away to sit on her bed and started his story, the love story that started beautifully but ended in despair, as he was telling her he held on to the ring and looked into his mother’s eyes, searching for the disappointment and remorse.  Instead he only saw sadness in her eyes and her tears started to flow after he spoke about his last conversation on the phone with her.  His mother walked towards the bed and sat by him and hugged him, “I never thought you are capable of loving someone so deeply, I feel your pain,” she then held his face, “Stop drinking, when you need to talk, come to me.  I’m here for you.”  He nodded and kissed his mother’s cheeks.  “I want your promise, once you and Stacey are through, you are to search for her,” he smiled to his mother, “Mum, she might had found someone else.”  His mother looked straight to his eyes, “This is my last wish, I want you to thank her on my behalf, for loving my son.  Promise me Mike,” he nodded slowly and prayed he’ll be able to keep his promise to his mother.


As any other day he arrived home in the darkness of night, his heartbeat became fast when he saw police car and ambulance outside his house, he ran into his house and found police officers everywhere.  He shouted, “What’s going on here?  Where’s my wife?  Where’s everyone?”  A police woman quickly pulled his aside and asked him to follow her to his mother’s room, he saw his mother lying on bed with a paramedic by her side.  He ran to her side and saw that her head was bleeding, the paramedic started to speak, “Sir, your mother refused to go to the hospital, she needs medical attention,” he turned to his mother, “Mum, let’s go.”  His mother looked at him, “Mike, I’m ready to be with your Dad.  Please ask them to leave the room, I need to tell you something.”  He turned to the paramedic and police woman and asked them to leave the room; she then started to speak in between her gasps, “Mike, I overheard Stacey and Bucky downstairs.  Junior is not yours, he is Todd’s.  All along they had planned to pin you for this.”  He was stunned by his mother’s words but he was more concerned about his mother’s wellbeing, “Mum, we’ll talk about this later, let’s get you to the hospital first.”  His mother smiled, “Mike, I miss your Dad, I want to be with him now.  Stacey and Bucky realised I overheard them and he hit me, when I fell down bleeding they panic and ran away.”  At that moment his temper flared, “Bucky hit you; I’m going to kill him!” His mother pulled him and softly said, “Forget everything; I’ve settled your problems.  Keep your promise to me, find her,” slowly her breath diminished and he hugged his mother’s lifeless body.


The police woman knocked and entered the room when she heard him cried out loud and went to his side, she called upon the paramedic to check her pulse, the paramedic indicated to them both that she had left them.  He wiped away his tears and spoke to the police woman, “I need to go down to check on my son,” he had forgotten about Junior in the chaos.  The police woman stopped him, “Your son’s body had been transferred for an autopsy” he sat down in bewilderment, Junior had died too?  It was getting too much for him, even after what her mother told him, he had accepted Junior as his son.  The police woman slowly informed him, “All units are out searching for your wife and Bucky, your mother had given us the testimony that they tried to kill her.”  He softly answered, “They killed Junior too.”  Both the police woman and paramedic looked at each other and softly she told him the truth, “Sir, before you return home, your mother had informed us.  The person who switched off your son’s life support system is your mother.”  He just sat there in silent digesting what had been told to him.


Only You - Part 12, 13 & 14

Part 12


A week has passed since their camping trip, they had returned to the normal routine of lectures and preparing their project, the only difference is after he had his evening showers, she will have a roommate at night.  They’ll sleep in each others arms exhausted from their days and before he dozes off, “Carly, I love you, don’t ever leave me again,” she’ll hugged him tight and whispered, “You’re my only love, then, now and forever.”  As usual in the mornings, he will wake up with vigour, not a single daybreak would he let her escape from being ravished repeatedly until she warns him that they’ll be late for their lectures.  He’ll then run to his room to take his morning showers before meeting up with her at their lecture room, they were discreet as to ensure none of their course mates know about their relationship, aside from being project partners.


This weekend they had agreed to take a boat to another island and spend their time together in a chalet, he wanted to talk seriously with her, about their future together and she was happy to do so.  They leave for the island late afternoon on Friday as they wish to spend two nights at the island before leaving back for Oahu on Sunday evening.  Once they arrive, they check in the chalet, again they marvel at the beautiful scenery of the island.  This island is more private than Oahu and the chalets are situated far from one another, “Mmm this is much cosier than the camp site,” she says gladly, he reaches for her and pulls her on his lap as they sat at the balcony.  The balcony is equipped with two thin mattresses sun bed and a coffee table in the centre.  “Honey, I love that camp site, that’s where I found my soul back, don’t you say anything bad about it,” he jokes and hugs her close.  She cuddles him and lays her head on his chest, listening to his even heartbeat, enjoying the closeness they are having.


“Carly, I’m sweating, let’s take a bath,” he whispers to her, the bathroom in the chalet is beautifully decorated, the tub is low and deep and they had scattered wild flowers all over the empty tub, there was no ceiling and they can see the clear blue skies.  “Darling, if a helicopter passes through they can see us,” she jokes and he smiles down at her, “They’ll be jealous of me, having a beautiful water nymph bathing with me.”  They share a warm bath together and look up at the skies as day turns to night, their bathroom was alight only by the candles around the tub.  Once their bodies are relax and their tummies start to rumble for food, she stands up for a shower but he pulls her in again, “Let’s get dirty again before we shower,” and he teaches her how dirty they can get in a bath tub.  When they eventually have their dinner it was late and they postpone their discussion until tomorrow, all they want to do is to sleep deeply in each other’s arm.


The next morning they wake up to a clear day, they take a decision to walk along the shores before heading to the main building for breakfast.  “Mike, let’s have a walk, it’s such a beautiful clear day,” she pulls him out of the bed.  “Hmm ok, let’s have another form of exercise today, it’s been awhile since I have a vertical morning exercise,” he laughs as she punches his arm, “You are to blame!”  It is a beautiful private shoreline, they walk for over half an hour without meeting a soul and once they arrive at the buffet, they are ready for a hefty breakfast, the walk and the sea breeze had clearly made them hungry.  The main building is breezy as the ceilings are high, there isn’t any need for air conditioning or even fans as the breeze from the nearby sea is enough to cool the building.  Their breakfast is mostly made of local fruits, eggs, and different type of breads and home made jams, delicious and healthy.  Both are taking time to enjoy the breakfast, knowing they will have to start their discussion later.  It will be a serious discussion which will change their lives; both know what the outcome they wish for but still dreaded the situation.  There will be sacrifices to be made on both sides and they know currently their decision centres on their love for each other and not rational thinking.


They lay down on the comfortable sun bed at the balcony, he reaches out for her hand and they look into each other’s eyes.  “Carly, what I did was bad; I knew you had every right reason to leave me.  Believe me; I did it because of love, I couldn’t risk the thought of losing you.”  She stares into his eyes and sees the truth, the love that he has for her and she nods in understanding his predicament.  “Only now I know what you went through darling, as I’m going through it myself.  I’m married to another but my heart and soul is kept by you, regardless the pain and hurt you’ve put me through.”  Her words startle him and he sits up straight, “Carly, you’re married?  I never knew, I thought… your body seems….”  She slowly sits up and faces him, she grabs his other hand, “Shh it’s a long story, I’ve made a promise not to disclose the facts, I’ve not been with my husband for nearly a year, that’s why you can feel as if I haven’t been touched.”  He looks at her in amazement, what sort of fool would be married to this lovely woman and not wanting to be with her.  He then smiles; his husband’s lost is his gain, now he is sure she will be his forever.


He looks at her tenderly, “Darling, lets finish what we supposed to have done years ago, marry me, lets build our lives together, we wasted so many years.”  She smiles as her tears start to well up, “Sweetheart, you make it sound so easy, what about your family?  You have a son to think about.”  He couldn’t tell her the truth about his own stupidity of how he made a mistake that cost his live, “My wife and child only look at me for material comforts, from day one there was no love between us, until today I am not apart of their lives.  You are my life, my soul, my anchor.”  She wants to ask him more, why did he marry at the first place, without love how could he have a child, but she refrains herself as she can’t reveal her marriage to him, regardless the devil David is she had promised and she is not willing to start breaking promises.  He stands up and sits by her side, “Carly, I’ll proceed with my divorce once we return home, I’ll make sure my son’s needs are taken care of, he is after all my only child.”   Her body goes rigid, if only he knew about the child they lost, a child from their labour of love.  He feels the change in her and prays that she will tell him about the abortion, he wants to tell her he understands why she did it and forgave her for it.  However, she keeps silent as that is a secret she’ll take to her grave.


“Carly, will it be easy for you to get a divorce from your husband?” he queries softly, she looks up at him and smiles, “It should not be a problem, he had promised me he’ll let me go if I wish to remarry.”  He pulls her chin up and starts to kiss her gently, “Carly, we’ll built a happy life together, I’ll made up for all the years we’ve been away, I promise you my angel,”  she puts her finger to his lips, “No more promises darling, I’m scared of promises.”  He took both her hands and kisses them, “Forgive me for all those empty promises, I’ll keep my word, I’ll be by your side forever.”  Slowly he stands and carries her into the chalet and demonstrates to her how their live will be together, when it was time for lunch they are both fast asleep.  They wake up to find it was late afternoon but they are both hungry, they call in room service and order enough food to last them until tomorrow.  They run off to swim as their food will only comes by an hour later.


Once they finish their dinner, they have their coffee at the balcony, looking out at the sunset.  The beauty of the multi earthy colour in the sky brings tears to her eyes.  They share one sun bed as they cuddle close, he whispers, “I’m so happy to share this with you, you never know how many times I’ve seen this sunset and wishes you are by my side.”  She hugs him closer and feels her tears roll down, she then walks toward the balcony railing and presses her hands against the railing, he takes his stand behind her and hugs her from behind.  As the sky turns black the only light comes from the single scented large candle at the coffee table, both of them are in their bathrobe as they had their dinner straight after their shower from the swim.  He slowly pulls her bathrobe belt apart and let the robe slips to the floor, only then she realises he is already without his own robe.  “Ish, we are out in public,” she whispers, he presses himself to her, “No one can see us my love.”  In their blissful union, they do not realise what storms lay ahead for them, their dreams will be shattered again, but this time the pain shall be worst.


Part 13


She has a strange feeling as if there is a heavy load pressed against her chest, she knows something bad is going to happen, she is now flying back to LA as she has to report to her company’s headquarters for two days after she had completed the course in Hawaii.  Their project was successful and both Mike and her was given a gold star at the end of their course, he had whispered, “I knew I’ll do well once I’m partnered with you,” she had laughed, “Hmm left on your own, you’ll be considering this course as a one month holiday.”  Their last weekend in Hawaii was spent shopping around Waikiki Beach, buying souvenirs for family and friends back home and their final night together was spent cuddling in each others arms as they prepared themselves to be away from each other.  She had noticed Mike eyeing a black string bracelet and upon their return at the hotel, she had given him the string bracelet as a present.  Mike shall fly back to his Hoover while Carly will have to stopover for two days at her headquarters before returning to Miami.  They had promised each other to text every night without fail and informed each other of the progress of their plans.


The past few days, his text had been loving and cheerful, “I miss you my love.”  “I’m dying without you.” Then just before she boarded her flight at NY airport she received a serious text, “I can’t tell you everything now, there has been an accident in my family.  I’ll call you once I can.”  She wanted to call him but she was already boarding her plane.  All the way her heart was heavy and even her breathing had been shallow, somehow she felt that the text is a start to another bad journey in her life, this time around she knows he will hurt as much as she will.  At first she had been sceptical, she knew both of them had a strong attraction but it could just be lust, but from the first day they’ve became partners for the project she had noticed his chain.  Just before he had asked her to follow him for the camp trip, she had finally managed to peek at what at the end of the chain, a ring closely lying on his heart, her engagement ring.  She knew then he has not stopped loving her and she wanted to test her own feelings towards him, hence the camping trip.  After that, there was no turning back for them, it’s as if a floodgate has been burst open and there was no way of closing it back.


Once she arrives at the airport, she switches on her mobile and dials his number, she feels frustrated when she keeps getting a message that the phone is out of the area of service.  She tries to calm herself and goes back to her apartment, upon arriving her mother and David is already waiting.  David always keep the appearance of a loving husband even in front of her family and friends, he hugs her as she enters her house and she then quickly hugs her mother.  The whole day she spends talking about her adventure in Hawaii while omitting the main character in her story, she then gives them their souvenirs and David kisses her in appreciation as she tries hard not to vomit.  David later excuses himself citing business as usual and that leaves her alone with her mother.  Her mother looks over her photos and suddenly as she is making drinks in her kitchen she hears her mother screams, “Carly!!  Isn’t this Mike?!”  She rushes out of the kitchen and sees her mother looking at her in disbelief.  She sits down beside her mother and nods her head, the pictures was kept in between her clothes, she did not think that anyone will look through her clothes.  “Mummy, we met by accident, he was also one of the participants there,” she explains softly. Her mother looks at her, “That still doesn’t explain the pictures, Carly look at them.”  The pictures were taken when they were on their weekend together at the reclusive island and all the pictures showed them as a loving couple.


She looks at the picture and before she can stop herself, tears starts rolling down, her mother uses her fingers to wipe her tears, “Carly, tell Mummy the truth.  Are you guys together again?”  In between her sobs, she tells her mother of the plans they have, of both of them freeing themselves from their spouses so they can be together.  “Mummy I wish at times Mike has come for me after I came back from UK.  Maybe both of us could have been happy then.”  Her mother looks at her in puzzlement, “Carly, he did come for you, he told me he saw you here.”  She looks back at her mother in wonderment, “When is this Mummy, did he say anything to you?”  Her mother thinks back and recalls, “He calls me from Hoover after that week you told me you were sick in bed, but something he says I can’t understand.”  “What Mummy, what did he say,” her heart starts to beat faster and her mother replies, “I recall he said something about you killing what was his and yours.  He didn’t make any sense at all.”  Her face turns white and she feels faint, did he knew she was in the hospital?  Did he misinterpret the reason of her being there?  Her mother then gently advises her, “Think thoroughly before you make any decision Carly, see what happened between you and David.  Both of you can’t fool me, there’s no love in this marriage.”  Carly nods in agreement to her mother, “Yes Mummy, I know, even now I dare not dream of my life with Mike until it’s a reality.”


Eventually that night she receives a call from him, it is past midnight and she is about to go to bed, brr brr:

Carly: Hello, Mike…. Is that you?

Mike: Carly, it’s me darling.  I’m sorry I can’t reach you earlier.

Carly: Is everything alright honey, I’ve been worried since I received your text.

Mike: It’s been crazy darling, my son had been involved in an accident, and he’s in ICU now.

Carly: What?!  Honey what happened?

Mike: He was on a motorbike with my wife’s cousin, both not wearing helmets.  They got hit by a car.

Carly: How are they now?

Mike: My wife’s cousin is dead and my son is in a coma dear.

Carly: Sweetheart, I’m so sorry to hear that.

There is then silence between them, each in their own thoughts; she is thinking that life is cruel to them and she knows even then their dreams might not be fulfilled.  He does not know where to start:

Mike: Carly… about our plans…

Carly: Mike, lets accept this fate.  You have to be with your wife now, both she and your son needs you.


She starts to cry but at the same time accepts their destiny, it is enough for her to know that he loves her, he doesn’t know what to do, his family needs him at this crucial time but at the expense of him losing his soul provider:

Mike: Carly… I’m sorry darling, I’m so sorry. I love you so much but I can’t walk away, not now…

Carly: I know my love, I understand.  Just concentrate on your family; you’ll have to be strong for them.

Mike: Once everything here is settled, I’ll come for you, I promise.

Carly: Darling, no more promises, it was not meant for us then and now, please accept our fate.


By now she is sobbing hard and he starts to cry too, both of them can hear their love’s voice crying at the other end of the phone, but there is no words of comfort that both can give:

Carly: Mike, I wish to tell you this.  Mummy told me you were in Miami.

Mike: Hmm I was there.

Carly: What did you see Mike, tell me the truth.

Mike: Darling, please we don’t need to talk about that, it’s over and past, I don’t blame you, I blamed myself.

Carly: Honey, I had a miscarriage, regardless my feelings were about you, I would have never killed our child.

Upon hearing her explanation, he breaks down and cries out loud, she hears his cries and she sobs uncontrollably along him:

Carly: My love, you have to do something for me now, for both of us.

Mike: Anything darling, tell me.

Carly: Let me go, set me free, as long as you keep holding to the dream of us, I can not live my life.

Mike: No!!!!!!!!!!!! Carly, please no!  That’s the only dream that keeps me alive until today.

Carly: Sweetheart let’s be fair to me, to us, so we could live our lives in peace.

After both stop crying, at last he picks up the courage to say it, “Carly, I release you.”  Click.


Part 14


It’s almost 8:00 p.m. and he is still stuck in his office, earlier today he had promised his wife he will return home early to bring them dinner.  He quickly exits the office before anyone else holds him back and drives to the nearest KFC, he then drives home.  Home, he thinks to himself, this is not a home, just a building which shelters his family.  He sighs, it has almost been a year since the accident and his son is still in a coma.  They have decided to bring him home with his life support system, he was glad his company’s insurance covers the cost as he won’t be able to pay for everything himself.  They had turned the living room into his son’s bedroom as to make room for his hospital bed and life support equipment; his wife had also decided to sleep with his son hence the single bed at the corner of the room.  He had offered to pay for a fulltime nurse for his son but his wife had refused anyone’s help, she had devoted herself to nurse their son alone.


Their marriage had not been loving from the beginning; he had tried his best to be a good husband and father.  After the marriage, they had stayed with his parents as he had yet the money to buy his own house.   At first his wife had been a nice companion, she is a pretty lady and so it wasn’t difficult for him to be physically attracted to her.  They had an ordinary life, him going to work everyday and she’s helping his aging parents to keep their house clean and tidy, furthermore she is a good cook and his parents had felt relieved their only son will be well taken cared of.  Their conversation had been civil mostly centred on what took place at home and what he needed to purchase for their daily consumption.  He had settled in the life style and since he had never been in love before he did not felt any lost.  Once their son was born, he decided to move out to his own place as he wished not to disturb his parents with the cries of the baby.  His son had been a sickly kid since birth and his wife had been attentively taking care of him at all times.


Once they moved into their own home, his wife had started to change, she had focus her attention more on their son and day by day had grown cold towards him.  They do have their marital relation but usually it happened upon his request and he knew she did not enjoy their union, after some time he had gave up on trying and their sex life was limited to hardly once a month.  She seemed to dot on their son constantly and had no space for him, he tried his best to be involved but she kept pushing him away to concentrate on his work, due to this his times were mostly centred at work and he had been promoted earlier than most his counterpart.  His wife seemed happy by that fact and their income had increased, she had often asked him to buy pieces of land and properties and had insisted he put them under his son’s name.  However due to his son’s young age, he had decided instead put it in his will.  Since he is constantly at his office, Todd had been a familiar figure around the house, fixing things around at first and later had been like a god father to his son.  As Todd had no permanent job, in his spare time he would come over and play with Junior and sometimes take him around on his motorcycle.  Countless time he had told his wife to advise Todd and Junior to wear helmet but his wife had always sided Todd, “Todd do not go fast, the helmet is heavy, Junior don’t like using it, “as he did not wish to quarrel with his wife, he had stopped his warnings, if only he had known the consequences of bowing to his wife’s wishes.


He enters his house and sees his wife cleaning Junior’s face with warm towel; he appreciates his wife’s endurance but at times wishes she would let their son go.  Doctors had advised the chances of Junior waking up from coma is almost nil but his wife had been determined she can help him revive through constant care and love.  He places the KFC bucket in the kitchen and arranges plates for their dinner, he takes the plates to his wife and she slowly eats her dinner.  Their relationship had gone from bad to worse, since the accident they had never shared their marital bed as she had constantly been with Junior, they had also found they have nothing to converse with each other.  He merely ensures both his wife and son get what they need and concentrate on his job, his Company had been great to him and his family and he felt he owed them to work his best for them.  As usual after dinner, he would kiss his son goodnight and goes to his own room, he had times tried to show tenderness to his wife, but she had pushed him away.


As he passes another bedroom beside his, he stopped and entered, “Mum, you had your dinner?  I’ve bought some chicken.”  His mother looks up at him from her rocking chair; she loves her rocking chair and sometimes falls asleep in it.  “It’s alright Mike, I’ve had a heavy lunch, have you eaten?” she queries.  “Yep, downstairs with Stacey.  Mum it’s late, you better get your rest.”  He helps his mother up from the chair towards her bed and as she lay to sleep, he sits by her side.  He softly kisses his mother’s cheek before he leaves her to sleep and enters his own bedroom.  His mother had moved in with him before he left for his postgraduate studies in UK, his father had died a year before and she had lived alone while he visited her everyday in the mornings and evenings.  However as he would not be around for a year to do so, he had decided that his wife could look after his mother at home.  At first Stacey was not happy about his decision stating that their son is more than she can handle alone but when he suggested they take in a helper she had changed her mind and was willing to take care of his mother on her own.


He has his usual warm shower and rests his tired body on his bed, the bed seems empty as he is alone in the king sized bed.  He usually sleeps in his boxers as he does not use the air conditioning; unless in summer.  He sighs and tries to sleep; sleep does not come easy to him, regardless how tired he is at the end of the day.  He wakes up and walks towards a mini fridge at the end of his room, as usual he takes out a can of beer to relax himself, as he finishes his last gulp he goes back to his bed.  He seemed to go back to his bad habits of drinking prior to his course in Hawaii; he remembers how he had completely stopped drinking and smoking after they were back together.  He tries to push the memories aside; the memories are too painful for him but tries as he might it will enter his dreams at night.  He finally feels sleepy and as his breathing slows, his hand touches the string black bracelet he wears, in his dreams he is with his love again.


The dream centres on their last night together in Hawaii, they were in her hotel room bed cuddled together as they watch the television.  She was lying on his arm as he kisses her forehead, the television was meant only for some noise, both of them were not paying attention to the show.  “Carly, do you wish to stay in Miami after we’re married?” he had asked softly.  She had looked into his eyes and smiled, “It doesn’t matter to me where we stay, as long as we are together.”  He slowly kisses her lips and taste her sweetness, “Mmm I can’t seem to have enough of you darling,” he whispers softly, “I’ll try to get a transfer, there’s an opening there, I doubt you can stay in Hoover,” he laughs softly.  She giggles, “Darling, don’t worry about it now, we have much to do before that.”  They had then spend their last night hugging each other tight, not willing to let the other go, their hearts were already in pain knowing they’ll be away from each other.  They slept with their bodies intertwined and at dawn they had woken up to face the reality of having to leave one another.


In the morning light, he had taken his time to touch and taste her sweetness, knowing it will be a long time before they’ll be together again; she had given herself to him and returned his love in every way she could.  At the end of their lovemaking, they had held on tight as tears stream on both their cheeks.  He then tried his best to smile and kisses away her tears but to no avail, their hearts were breaking to the prospect of being apart.  As they kissed each other softly and tenderly, he suddenly felt her body starting to disappear in thin air, “No Carly! Please stay, don’t go!  Stay with me!”  As her figure disappears, her voice whispers, “You promised to never leave me again…..” and as usual he would wake up from his dreams in cold sweats.

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